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With over forty years of industry expertise, Valley Pallet & Crating has forged robust alliances within our facility’s local network. These partnerships have bolstered our operational capacities and broadened our range of product offerings, enabling us to deliver unparalleled solutions of the utmost excellence to our esteemed clientele. Our comprehensive services encompass heat treatment, corrugated wraps, shrink wraps, and an array of other solutions.

For customers located within a 100-mile radius of Pine Mountain, Georgia, take advantage of our convenient door-to-door delivery service, designed to save you both time and money.

Expert Suppliers in Georgia

Standard pallets, both treated and untreated, are readily available at major retail stores or through brokers. However, certain projects or product protection may necessitate specialized, custom-sized lumber, distinct shapes, or specific dunnage.

At Valley Pallet & Crating, we have developed great partnerships with other service providers and manufacturers to bring you a full-service solution. From tailoring lumber to your precise specifications, corrugating or shrink wrapping, we will work with our partners to make sure your pallet, crate, or skid is optimized to protect your product in all conditions.

Benefits of Our Partnership Services

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Through our partnership services, we will create custom storage and transportation solutions that will best fit your needs. Fill out the Connect with Us form to meet with our team and get started on your project.

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