Custom Cut Lumber

Many times, you can get non- and heat-treated lumber at big box retailers or through lumber brokers. However, there are a variety of circumstances where custom sized, unique shaped pieces of wood, or dunnage are essential to your project or protection of your products.

Valley Pallet & Crating has the equipment and capabilities to custom cut lumber to any size specification that you need. We provide cut lumber to our customers and can customize the wood with unique angles, grooves, widths, lengths, and more for complete projects, one-offs, or add-ons to pallets, crates, or skids. Our team can recommend options for you, or you can provide measurements of the custom lumber that we can cut to your specifications. For our customers within a 100-mile radius of Pine Mountain, Georgia, you can take advantage of our door-to-door delivery service, saving you time and money.

Wood Cut to Your Specifications

Strength and durability are essential when stacking items and building storage containers for large and heavy items. Custom cut wood pieces increase support for those load-bearing applications. They also allow for smaller, unique pieces to be built to ensure that products and materials don’t shift during transit if there’s negative space in shipping containers or on trailers.

Benefits of Custom Cut Lumber

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Design Services

Our team can help map out specific lumber sizes and shapes you need to either finish your project or keep your product safe during transit. Fill out the form to connect with us today.

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