Building Custom Pallets, Crates, and Skids

At Valley Pallet & Crating, we specialize in manufacturing customized solutions to meet your unique needs. Our team uses top-quality materials, designed, and cut to your exact specifications so that you can safely fit your products onto pallets, crates, and skids that can be easily transported and stored. We can produce your pallet design or use our team to provide turnkey solutions, starting with designing your pallets through pallet production.

We offer top-notch design services that can be personalized to meet the distinctive demands of every client. Our experienced team engages directly with you to gather detailed specifications, making certain that the resulting pallet design aligns perfectly with your needs. Within just 72 hours, we meticulously map out and present comprehensive design solutions, prioritizing the safety and security of your products during transit and storage.

When Average Pallet Dimensions Are Not Working 

Our dedicated team is here to collaborate closely with you on pallet design, ensuring a perfect fit for your cargo and transportation needs. While the average pallet dimensions typically measure 48”x 40”, we understand that this size might not suffice for many companies. That’s why we create custom pallets and crates that cater to your unique requirements, enhancing efficiency and safety throughout the logistics process.

Benefits of Customizing Pallets, Crates, and Skids

Meet Micheal, Jerry, and Scott

Our team will meet with you to learn about your needs, the dimensions (requirements) and weight capacity of your equipment or product that will be used in pallet, skids or product. We’ll then tailor this to your needs based on what you are trying to transport or store.

Micheal McKiesmith, Jerry Teasley, and Scott Geter, team members at Valley Pallet & Crating

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Custom Design Services

Valley Pallet & Crating offers design services to all clients. Our team collaborates with you to gather specifications, assess transportation needs, and design a pallet that ensures product safety during transit. Within just 72 hours, receive a tailored design meeting all capability requirements. Elevate your cargo safety with our efficient and prompt design services.

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