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Transportation and Packaging Solutions for Small Businesses

Small businesses have the same needs as larger companies, but packaging solutions for small businesses may be harder to find due to the quantity of customized pallets, crates, and skids needed.

For the past 40 years, Valley Pallet & Crating has been serving the local Pine Mountain, Georgia and surrounding communities, supplying small businesses with packaging and transportation solutions in the form of wooden pallets, crates, and skids, customized to meet the needs of these smaller companies. Since we are near these companies, the convenience of our delivery service and quick turnaround time makes us an ideal partner for Central, South, and West Georgia as well as Eastern Alabama companies.

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The Valley Pallet & Crating Difference

For over four decades, the Valley Pallet & Crating team has been designing and manufacturing custom pallets, crates, and skids for our customers. We provide:

  • Excellence in Service
  • Product Integrity
  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Start to Finish Process
  • Transportation Options

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