Custom Crates

Custom pallet crates and boxes are open or closed containers designed to support and protect goods during shipping and storage. Valley Pallet & Crating designs and manufacturers, by hand, pallet crates constructed to hold oversized and irregular shaped items, customized to each client’s exact specifications.

Since 1978, the Valley Pallet & Crating team has been manufacturing custom pallet crates utilizing top quality wood, nails, and expert craftsmanship ensuring that crate pallets are durable and can withstand the demand of transportation and handling. We can utilize your crate design, or you can use our team to provide a complete solution, starting with designing your wooden pallet crates through crate and box production. We also provide delivery options using our flatbed deliver truck, within 100-miles of Pine Mountain, Georgia.

Uses of Wooden Pallet Crates Over Other Materials

Wooden pallet crates are designed and used for companies that need a custom packaging solution that is strong and durable. Wood crates, over other materials, are easily customizable and provide an additional layer of security and protection for heavy, fragile, or awkwardly shaped items. These crates can be opened, sealed, hinged, or have sides that are removable. Wooden crates are also able to be reused and then recycled, when they are no longer needed.

Benefits of Custom Pallet Crates

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Pallet Crate and Box Design

Through our design services, we will create custom size wooden crates for you to ensure that your product is kept safe during storage and transit. Fill out the Connect with Us form to meet with our team and get started on your project.

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