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Industrial Pallet and Crate Solutions for Packaging Companies

At Valley Pallet & Crating, we specialize in tailoring our products to meet the unique needs of each type of packaged good. One challenge we tackle is the efficient handling of various product dimensions. We are experts in constructing warehouse pallets and crates that can accommodate irregularly shaped items, optimizing warehouse storage, and simplifying transportation. Whether the packaging is oversized, undersized, or standard-sized, our solutions enhance warehouse space utilization, ensuring an organized and streamlined storage process.

In addition, our expertise lies in streamlining shipping processes. We can facilitate the loading of packaged products onto our custom pallets and crates, expediting the shipping process to your clients. By doing so, we are contributing to the increased productivity of your operations.

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The Valley Pallet & Crating Difference

For more than 40 years, the Valley Pallet & Crating team has been designing and manufacturing custom pallets, crates, and skids for our customers. We provide:

  • Excellence in Service
  • Product Integrity
  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Start to Finish Process
  • Transportation Options

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