Wooden Skids

Skids are used within a warehouse to hold single large, heavy, or awkward sized items that need to be elevated off the ground. These skids can be slid on a warehouse floor or can be raised and stacked using forklifts, pallet jacks, or automated systems.

Our team of experts at Valley Pallet & Crating design and manufacturer custom-sized skids. We currently have skids in production for clients ranging from 54” x 29” to 160” x 84” and can adjust our specs to meet your individual needs. We start by making the skid by hand and then make a custom jig to produce the skids using our crosscut saw and trim saw. Once complete, we can ship the product to you or we provide delivery service, within 100-mile radius of Pine Mountain, Georgia, using our 160-foot flatbed truck.

What are Skids Used For?

Skids are used when companies need to efficiently transport and store products. They can be stacked, as the skids have runners across the top and bottom and can be moved easily within the warehouse or on and off delivery trucks. Since skids are open and usually contain one large item or heavy piece of equipment, the inventory is visible and able to be clearly labeled.

Benefits of Skids

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Skid Design

Heavy and unique-sized items are more efficiently transported and stored when on skids that meet their exact specifications. Connect with our team and let us create and manufacture skids that are right for your products and space.

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